07 October 2005

Dear visitor, Welcome to my Professional Space!

I dedicate this space to the fulfillment of my career aspirations and goals.

I have made a conscious, well-thought out, and spiritually intuitive decision to pursue a career in Organization Change & Development (OCD). David Cooperider defined OCD like this: "OD is a discipline of collaborative inquiry and positive change focused on the discovery and creation of new concepts of human organization and organizations that are prosperous, that more equitably distribute power, wealth, and choice, and that are more compatible with the human spirit and the biosphere."

I welcome you to keep visiting me here as I let the world know about my progress with my goals. I am looking for experts to advise me and potential clients to assess my abilities. I am currently out to promote my services offered in association with Mr. Roland Sullivan, my dear friend and mentor who has been a Change Agent for more than 40 years now. Check up on our extensive bios and services in subsequent blog entries.

I envision this blog to be filled with my 'Progress Posts' with the inherent message that my professional work is as personal as anything else.

So you are welcome to make this space your own and contribute with your ideas, advice, leads for business, and forwarding useful contacts. Looking forward to shared resources!


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