11 October 2005

My Bio: Mubeena Mohd, M.A.

Mubeena Mohd, M.A. joined with, Mr. Roland Sullivan to fulfill her personal goal of applying knowledge to provide key decision makers with relevant information and competence. Her knowledge base is focused on Psychology and Philosophy, with an applied aim of integrating the two disciplines to generate her own theory of Organization Development. Her mission is to facilitate extraordinary results in organizations by applying her knowledge of Organizational Psychology. She believes that within companies there exists in innate ability for excellence and self-realization of hidden potential.

She was awarded her Bachelor of Arts degree in two majors (Psychology and Philosophy) in May 2001 from Hofstra University, New York. Passionate about the transformation of women, she was awarded Departmental Honors for her thesis entitled “Reason vs. Emotion: How Western Women Converts to Islam Resolve Cognitive Dissonance Resulting from Gender Inequity”. She attained her Master of Arts degree in the concentrated field of Industrial/Organizational Psychology with a specialization in OD in May 2003 also from Hofstra University, New York.

Mubeena has a regular literary column on Human Assets Magazine, the only HR publication in the Gulf region. Her other ongoing professional activities include hosting and managing several online networks for HR and OD professionals, designing system-wide interventions for positive organizational change, holistic tool development, editing corporate profiles and manuals, employee competency assessments, and training program assistance. Mubeena has special talent when it comes to designing systems such as performance appraisals, training programs, and employee selection system. She uses her well-rounded cross-cultural expertise and excellent verbal, graphical, and written communication. She has assisted sales trainers with refining their training modules, designed the “UAE’s Best Practices in Human Resource Management” survey, and conducted employee competency studies for corporations for the past 2 years.

She has traveled and lived extensively around the world. Born and brought up in Mumbai, India she now resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates which has been called by Roland Sullivan as the “change agent city of the middle east and the fastest changing city in the history of the world”. She moved to Dubai from India at the age of 12 and moved to New York at the age of 17 to pursue her Bachelors and Masters degree. She spent six prime years of her life in the United States studying psychology, philosophy, and Organization Development. She has traveled to Canada, Nepal, Thailand, Mauritius, Australia, and France. She speaks Hindi and intermediate-advanced French. One of her missions for her career is to utilize various global cultural idiosyncrasies when transforming organizational culture for bringing about a holistic synergy among people comprising of diverse nationalities, work styles, and individual preferences.

Mubeena is the member of American Psychology Society (APS), International affiliate of the society of Industrial / Organizational Psychology (SIOP), Organization Development Network (ODN), International Society for Philosophers (ISFP), and is an inductee of Phi Sigma Tau, the International Honor Society of Philosophy. She initiated the Organization Development Network of Dubai and the OD Middle East Network with the support of the American-based Organization Development Network (ODN).

Mubeena Mohd and Roland Sullivan have made a long-term commitment to maintaining a professional mentor-mentee relationship. Their operations began at the start of 2005 when Mr. Sullivan noticed the rapid pace of change characteristic of Dubai which reinforced his desire to transfer his legacy to the next generation of promising Change Agents. They are scheduled to travel to India later this year for heading an Appreciative Inquiry summit for EMPI, a leading university with a highly reputable OD program, to impact the training of future consultants in that region.


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