21 November 2005

The Hope Syndrome

O1 is ready for change. As conscientious change consultants, we are aware of subtle but powerful psychological shifts in the leaders by observing behavior, emotional responses, and the general spirit of the leadership team after initiating the Change process. We are happy although not surprised, by the excitement the team is showing because of their participation. They not only feel empowered and involved, they are excited because our process has given them hope.

Hope is the most relevant, significant, and excellent motivator of our times. Without hope there would be no action, no patience, no vision and mission, and no committment to change. I have realized that hope can change a company around. As a young consultant it is amazing to see this in action. As much as human nature is selfish, unforgiving, needy, and egoistic, it is also full of hope for a better future and better prospects for the environment they are a part of.

Our process has everyone excited and hopeful. The team members have been given their interview questions way ahead of their interview dates. Everyone is on a realization path that this is their opportunity to seize the moment.. let out every issue plaguing them individually as an employee, and what is stopping the company from achieving their desired state.

Some surprisingly hopeful observations were:

1. The Directors asked for more time to prepare their thoughts on the 64-item questionnaire. This might seem normal, but for these particular gentlemen, it is very surprising. They are known not to think alot and not to spend time on preparing for anything. After going through the questions at their interviews, all of them requested to schedule their one-on-one meetings at a later day.

2. The Directors got together for more meetings since we started our pre-work for the retreat, than at any other time before in the company's history. They are truly preparing for change, albeit unconsciously. After their group meetings with Mr. Yogi, the Directors received an awakening and a chance to enter a new dimension with their company.

3. Many members of the team admitted that they have never been so open with communicating their views. For the first time they feel more motivated by the prospect of changes that will make their jobs easier. Everybody has responded to emails with great enthusiasm and we've been receiving feedback that they have already started with preparing answers for their interview questions.

4. One member came up to me and said, "Ever since you came in to help us out, this guy is treating me very nicely!" Wow. Relationships maybe changing already just by going through the process even before the retreat happens. I hope and expect for the leadership team to be bonded and ready to work together as a team during the retreat.

The root of all the excitement is hope. The anticipation that things are going to change for the better are driving people to behave differently. Hope makes it possible to believe that positive change is possible.


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