21 October 2005

The Possibility of Change

Continuing on with my thoughts on our latest consulting effort with the mid-sized distribution company here in Dubai, our next step was to rewrite the process steps with the CEO in his own words close to his comprehension.

It was not as easy as I'd hoped. He told me that he'd need more time to digest it all.. suddenly in the middle of it, he got overwhelmed and started wondering how we were going to accomplish things never been attempted in the company's history of 12 years. Needless to say, he requested to complete the other half of the rewriting the next day. One of the early steps in the process if for us to ask him a set of questions we'd prepared for his individual responses concerning the goals of his business and specifically about the changes he'd like to see in his company and for his own role. When I showed him the questions, he felt a great array of emotions ranging from excitement to nervousness to skepticism. In his heart he wanted all the change to happen.. but his mind kept asking about whether it was truly possible!

It was clear that he preferred being alone and pondered over the goals, vision, and the ideal desired state for his organization.. that piece of paper with 23 questions about different aspects on his role and business relationships stared back at him like something out of a science fiction movie. A lot went on in his mind telling from his reaction. He didn't want me to record his answers. Instead he wanted to jot down the points he wanted to make to each question himself.. and then he told me he would record it on the computer with his voice so its there as hard evidence of who he is as a Managing Director.

As a consultant to this company, I felt a great sense of pride for him taking a brave risk in his mind.. to dive into something right in just because he trusts us to make a difference to his organization. Trust is such a vital quality here in Middle-Eastern culture.. nothing would ever change if we the Change Agents are not trusted. There is a sure certainty of a smooth operation when trust between the consultant and the client is established with genuineness.. the first steps required for a more positive, profitable, and effecient orgnization, is for all parties to TRUST that dramatic and breakthrough change is possible.


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