02 March 2006

Change Together

Isn't it exciting when you feel like you've started a process that is making a positive difference to over 100 people's work lives? Most people, at least here in the UAE, are unsatisfied with their jobs. Changes are needed in every part of the organization, and people's jobs. So how do we deal with so many simultaneous issues that all have "no. 1 priority" all over them? The simple answer is: together.

Today one of my client organizations kick started a process I helped create. Big staff meetings once a month attended by all members of staff. I, the external consultant, was needed to meticulously structure meetings to make best use of time and get the maximum amount of practical actions that each person intended to implement after they leave the room. We also started "Solution Sessions" every afternoon from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. where staff members voluntarily participate and present ideas related to specific problem-areas the company faces everyday. Ironically, this also served the purspose of cutting down lunch breaks and lazy hours so that productivity is enhanced and creative minds are utilized. Of course I take the minutes and report on progress on all the actions for our next big meeting.


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