18 June 2015


Dear loyal readers,

I am gradually shifting to my new wordpress site called TransformingOrganisations.com. It is the sister site for my company Scholar Consultants.

Here is what the purpose of this website is:

We are dedicated to the positive transformation of businesses, organisations, entities, individuals and communities. Our purpose is to create engaging dialogues and introduce new thinking to leaders who believe in the power of effecting change deeply, quickly, and more efficiently.

We are a group of thinkers who have studied Psychology, Philosophy and other subjects in the Humanities. It is our immense honour to use these disciplines in the transformation of businesses that creates new cultures, increases stakeholder engagement levels, and impacts customer behaviour and profitability among other operational benefits.

We believe that the role of Transformation and Change Consultant needs to change. Consultants are no more the expert. We seem to have forgotten that you as a leader know your market, your customers, your competitors, your industry, and most importantly your organisation’s assets and the behaviour of your human capital. Many leaders today hire consultants and get no Return on Investment because the so-called expert Consultant simply looks at the leader’s watch and tells them the time.

I hope you will join me there and keep the conversation going!

Yours sincerely, Mubeena Mohammed.


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