04 April 2006

New Client Work

People change just by participating in a revolutionary process itself. I just started work with a new client who is experiencing dramatic effects only because an external consultant is exerting positive energy in their office all day long. We are on a tight schedule with this client which has us in their office all day to meet our agenda.

We just finished interviewing members of the top team and are now getting a sense of what is important to their organization. I've always believed that all the answers are in the system and within the hearts and minds of the key individuals that make the decisions for the company. The Organizaiton Development consultant is no more an expert who gives advice. He/She is a guide who elicits the right answers to the right questions that organizations must ask themselves. Organization Development and Philosophy go hand-in-hand as they ask themselves what they truly stand for.

A comment we got from one of the team members is that she already sees changes in people and we aren't even done with our work yet. The HR Manager says that some people have started coming in at 8 a.m. sharp which never used to happen before. This is the beauty of a process that is participative and interactive. People change as they go along. The CEO of our new client said it best, "Our people are going through a tube, and when they come out of it they will be like new." As a consultant, I take great pride in being able to influence great change in little steps.


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